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Meet our Board

Dedicated to Conservation

Trevor Hogan


I'm a conservationist at heart and a dedicated public servant. Since joining the Byron Forest Preserve Board in 2011 I've had a deep desire to protect our high quality natural areas while making them accessible to the public. I believe keeping people connected with nature is the best way to grow our mission.


Sandy Brooks


After growing up in a family that spent many a Sunday afternoon visiting a local forest preserve or park to explore and spend time in nature, I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and open spaces. I have lived in Ogle County for the last 26 years and enjoyed the natural areas in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin with my family and students. As a teacher in an urban setting for the last 32 years, it has been a true joy to take many students out of the “city” for their first experience hiking and exploring nature. I had the privilege of serving the Byron community for 18 years as a commissioner on the Byron Forest Preserve Board. I look forward to continuing to be a part of preserving land through my work with the Ogle Natural Areas Alliance.


Caleb Hardy




Pete Oliver




Deirdre Nardi


I was born and raised in Chicago and North Shore suburbs. I worked in fashion, and moved on to Real Estate in the 80’s. I spent a few years doing residential development /marketing in Hawaii in the early nineties.  I moved back to Chicago in 1993 and soon met my future husband Stephen J. Nardi.  Stephen owned a horse farm in Byron and introduced me to the Ogle County area.  We spent many weekends in the summer raising foxhounds and horses and in the Fall we Fox Hunted the Oak Brook Hunt on the land that is now the Stephen J and Deirdre Nardi Equine Prairie.
This land was donated to the Byron Forest Preserve when we retired the Hunt several years ago.  In the meantime, we worked with the Forest Preserve on the preservation plan which include Equestrian rights in perpetuity.
Stephen passed away in 2018 and there is now a memorial bench in his honor up on Rohresson’s Hill.  I will always have a special place in my heart for the entire Rock River area.  I am pleased to be apart of the Ogle Natural Areas Alliance.  I look forward to working with our board and helping to further enhance the beauty of the area.

Meet our Board: Meet the Team
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